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2024 ✴︎ The Year of Ascension
   Year of the Dragon Reading



I call 2024 the Year of Ascension. It is year of the dragon, and 2024 is year of number 8 which is associated with Strength + Star cards in tarot. 8 is a number linked to wisdom, action + manifestation. It is about self mastery, and taking it to infinity. When we are liberated from an illusionary state of separation, we are one with All/ Spirit.

Dragons are mystic creatures from higher dimensions who are here to support those of us who are ready to be transformative forces of change in the world.

Are you ready for your ascension?

The wildness of the past few years will continue this year, but the frequencies of this world is rising like never before at the very same time. We must focus less on what is being projected and what we see through our physical eyes, and trust our intuitive inner eye more. We each are the divine essence of awakened awareness, and we are here to remember who we truly are to be the creators of heaven on earth.

Our home is the planet of love, floating within the womb of the vast eternal universe filled with magic and mystery. We are the embodiment of all of that.

Astrology and tarot are the tools that connect us back to the unseeable realm of magic and mystery, and it's the year to deepen our connection to our own inner stars so we can shine brighter than ever before.

I'm now offering year ahead special Ajna readings for 2024.

I look into main astrological transits of the year ahead, and share how they are talking to your universe seen in your birth chart. For shorter readings, I pick up specific transits that speak to you loudly, and I cover more transits and deeper explorations of your natal chart in longer readings. For whatever investment that you kindly choose to make, I share guidance that I receive from looking at your charts and I hope it will support you navigate through this profoundly transformative year ahead. 


The pricing is set as sliding scale, so if you have other amount you'd like to offer for your reading, please send me a message through here and I can share different ways you can send the payment.

Reading will be prepared in the order I receive, and length of each reading can vary depending on the amount of value you choose to invest for my service.

Please know that it can take a few days or up to a few weeks for me to prepare your reading depending on the amount of orders that I receive.

Thank you for your patience and for your trust in the divine timing.

** limited amount of schedulers are available to be purchased with a reading.

Please message me if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Thank you!



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