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2023 ✴︎ The Year of Alchemy




The dignified Goddess Venus in Libra dived into the heart of the almighty Sun and they together traveled into the Scorpio underworld in late October. Solar eclipse happened on Oct 25th held this energy so strong and this energetic current is still carrying us forward into the magical unknown. Mercury was also at the heart of the Sun the following lunar eclipse on Nov 8th, and Venus + Mercury are still traveling close together in the sky. 

This new moon in Capricorn happened very close to the solstice point in square to Jupiter at 0 degree signifies our rebirth. Venus + Mercury are also in Capricorn, encouraging us to create our visions into something solid + concrete. All of these significant cosmic energies are awakening us and guiding us to transform and to evolve. This is a big calling from the universe, it's time to show up to create a change.

I call 2023 the Year of Alchemy. 2023 is the year associated with the Chariot + the Tower cards in tarot, and I believe leaning how to turn darkness into golden victorious light shall be our theme, both individually and collectively. 

I'm now offering special Ajna readings for 2023.

I look into your birth chart and main astrological transits of the year ahead, and talk about how transiting starts, the outer universe will affect your natal stars, your inner universe. I will pick certain transits that will align with your chart strongly, and share some guidance I may receive from your charts so you can navigate through these transits with ease.


Sliding scale energy exchange rate for an audio recording is $88-144, and $180-250 for an in-person 90 min zoom session. 

Written notes for the important transits + planetary alignments can be created for those who contribute higher amount upon request.

Recordings will be prepared in the order I receive.

Please contact me via the link below to ask any questions or to order a reading.


Thank you very much for supporting my work, it really means a whole universe to me.

The wildness of 2022 shall continue in 2023, but the upgraded power of our collective consciousness is becoming stronger and stronger now.

I continue to believe that we each one of us can be the powerful force of love + awakening awareness to make everyone remember that our home, the Earth is the planet of Love.

Thank you.

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