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The dignified Goddess Venus in Libra dived into the heart of the almighty Sun and they together traveled into the Scorpio underworld.

They are now ready to awaken us and guide us to the path of transformation as we move through the eclipse portal. This can be an intense journey for many, but a necessary one for all.

I'm offering special audio recorded Ajna readings now for a limited time.

I look into your birth + transit charts and talk about how starts are aligning with you now. I focus on sharing whatever energy that speaks to me loudly by looking at your charts, and I hope to create something that you can keep as your ally through the life changing eclipse journey.


The sliding scale energy exchange rate that I'm asking is $66-111.

Each recording length is about 30-40 min.

Please contact me via the link below to ask any questions or to order a reading.

If you are interested in in-person Zoom reading, I'm always available for that as well.

Thank you.