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I : The Magician

I : The Magician

I : The Magician module is a gateway to the world of magic.

We together explore ways to strengthen our intuitive skills, and we journey through the world of major arcana. You learn basics of astrology including planetary archetypes, signs and houses, meanings of numbers and planetary associations, and how Kabbalah is associated with each cards, which can be applied to all minor arcana cards as well. Even though this is a study mainly focuses on 22 major arcana cards, I will make sure to cover some aspects of minor cards as well so you will feel comfortable reading all cards after taking this first module.



Week 1 : Mandala of planets, signs, elements and numbers

Week 2 : The Fool's journey through High Priestess

Week 3 : The Empress to the Lovers

Week 4 : The Chariot to Wheel of Fortune

Week 5 : Justice to Tepmerance

Week 6 : The Devil to the Moon

Week 7 : The Sun, Judgement and the World + the journey continues


Everyone is encouraged to trust their intuitive power to read each cards rather than memorizing what other people say about the cards. Meditation, moments of deep contemplation and journaling on each card will be incorporated and we will build a special relationship to each symbolic archetypes.


Each class is recorded and it can be sent to you if you can't attend live.

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