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II : The High Priestess

II : The High Priestess

ll : The High Priestess module is for those who wants to dive into the mysterious depth of the world of minor arcana. We discuss different ways to read minor arcana cards, and we explore layers of how each card has planetary corresposndances according to the tradition of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This course helps you to gain deeper astrological knowledge as well as of tarot, and it guides you to build confidence as an intuitive tarot reader.


We coninue to build a solid foundations on our daily spiritual practice, meditation and journaling, and we practice reading intuitively in each class. The astrological correspondancy system of the Golden Dawn to each minor cards can be confusing, but I share what I think is useful to bring out deeper understanding of each cards.


Each class is recorded and it can be sent to you if you can't attend live.

You will have an opportunity to have one on one Zoom call with me to ask any questions or practice reading.

You will have access to ask any questions in the future even after the course is over, and I'd be there to support you becoming a confident tarot reader through your journey.

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