Ajna [aːɟɲaː]: आज्ञा, meaning third-eye-chakra in Sanskrit is the seat of inner wisdom where our own yin + yang/ moon + sun/ spiritual + physical energies unite. Pura means purity and in Sanscrit it means 'city.' In Balinese Hinduism in Indonesia, pura is a temple and a place of worship.

Ajna Pura was born as my prayer to create a temple of healing and to create more peace in the world. In each session, I intend to support re-aligning each clients with their highest truth and guide them back to their divine power.

I have been an artist for all of my life, painting and making art since I was little. After graduating from high school in Japan, I came to the United States and studied both Art and International Area Studies at UC Berkeley. I love traveling and meet people from different parts of the world. I have traveled to volunteer at the institutions of Mother Teresa in India, backpacked to Senegal to study African dance, and I have also volunteered at a community acupuncture clinic in Guatemala through the Integrative Health Project.

I received my first 200hr yoga teacher certification from Laughing Lotus NYC in 2008 and I have been teaching since then. Now I teach mostly Vinyasa, but I'm certified in Prenatal, Restorative and Yin yoga. I am also a certified Reiki master/ teacher practicing Reiki since 2009 trained both in US and Japan.

In 2019, I graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and I am currently offering individual healing sessions as a New York State licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist incorporating many different healing modalities I have studied for over a decade.

I have a great passion and love for the art of tarot and astrology. It's a part of my daily practice and I use these tools to guide clients align with their higher purpose. I have been reading cards for over 10 years now and I continue to deepen my knowledge through studying and teaching.

I believes we all have innate ability to heal. 

By strengthen this ability through healing our own selves, we can be the force to heal and transform the world for the better together.



Kind Words



"I had an absolutely amazing time connecting with Nami. After our conversation, I felt so much vitality - my entire body was tingling in an awakening type of a feeling. Ended up meditating on our session which left me in such a great place.

Nami gave me all the guidance I came seeking for. Thank you thank you thank you. I feel like I can wrap up this year in confidence.

Nami is such a beautiful being, I will be back for more! 一NK"

"I went to see Nami at a time in my life when I was completely lost & out of any energy. After the first time I saw her, I walked back home with the biggest smile I've had in months or maybe in years. I felt every parts of myself alive and I was ready then for the change that I was craving for for many years. She got me out of my paralyzed state of fear. I've been seeing her regularly since then, and my life has changed in so many ways. Thank you, Nami!" 一NA


"I am so grateful I met Nami, I first came to her because of strong migraines, her sessions gave me a sense of relief and well-being that lasted far beyond any other form of therapy that I have experienced. Nami is gifted and intuitive and can read the body in a way that boggles the mind." BC


"This was such a powerful experience for me, I’m so thankful for Nami's words and guidance. I’m excited to grow in self-confidence and to learn more about myself, my path and my potential. 一II

"I am very thankful I met Nami and she has helped me so much. It has been enlightening and liberating, truly. I am full of gratitude. I think Nami is amazing." 一JL

"I am very happy that I got introduced to Nami through a friend who highly recommended her reiki session. I took some other reiki before but with Nami it was a very different experience, it has the element of physical touch of a massage as well as the energy and mental vibration of reiki. Nami’s energy/ personality/ sensitivity and touch really put me in a different space, helping me to get closer to myself and feeling grounded. I have been taking reiki for a while now with her and every time it is a different, new experience and I really appreciate the time, love and compassion she puts in every session and really works and addresses your needs and issues. It is wonderful and I wish everyone to experience it and her beautiful touch and energy." AR

"I am so grateful to have found Nami. Her classes are unparalleled. Over the years she has taught me how to awaken and nurture the deep connection that I have with earth energy and the universal force. Feeling this connection with all living things allows me to feel rooted and more in the moment. I find myself focused and able to stay in more challenging balances and sequences for longer and with more grace. Nami’s classes are nurturing and healing, and I feel that Nami is truly present and aware of every student in the room." 一AB


"Nami’s vinyasa class has been a weekly ritual of mine for two years. During that time, I have come to treasure her attentiveness, her spirit, and her compassion. Because Nami’s classes are both invigorating and restorative, I leave every session feeling substantially more grounded, present, awake, and grateful. Her skillful integration of meditation is genuine and thoughtful, and ultimately serves as the ideal foundation for practice both on and off the mat. Nami has devoted her life to helping people find a sense of healing and wholeness, and every asana she teaches shines with this intention." 一LS

"Prenatal yoga was a godsend for me during my pregnancy. As I grew larger and larger, the loss of movement and flexibility led to tightness throughout my body. And what I didn't realize until my first class was how absolutely necessary it was for me to take a moment out of my busy week to relax and focus my mind and my heart.  

The positions and movements she took us through liberated my muscles and joints. I always left class feeling taller, looser and more open. We would hold a certain position for an extended period of time each class. Nami would encourage us to use our breath and voice to help push through any burning sensations we felt. I would always dread this moment (for obvious reasons) and yet I understood so clearly how important it was the second it was over. My mind was learning how to overcome physical pain in a meditative, focused way. This lesson was with me throughout my entire labor and delivery.

In my first class, Nami had guided us into a position to help open our hips. She was speaking of breath and connectivity to our child. My eyes were shut. I saw nothing but black as I focused on my breath and my body. Then my hips unlocked. I felt like I was sinking and widening ever so slightly in my hips. What had been black was now a warm, orange glow cacooning my baby. I was there with my daughter. Tears started pouring out of my eyes.

Having such a special teacher harnessing this energy created far more than just a yoga class. Nami helped open a channel within that allowed me to connect with my unborn child. It was an invaluable experience that prepared me for motherhood in ways I never could have imagined. I cannot fathom having another child without doing this work with Nami from the very beginning." 一LP                                                                                   

"Nami is a wonderful, supportive and strong doula. She arrived to my home right on time and was there to help me with my immediate needs while beginning my active labor. She gave me acupressure to help with the intense birthing sensations while guiding me to breath deeply. She suggested different positions to help me and also offered me essential oils and came with a herbal tea which helped quench my thirst during my 7 hours of labor. She was very helpful in keeping me focused on deep breathing and low sounds, she also suggested beautiful imagery to help me visualize opening to help me during the birth. She breathed deeply the whole time with me, it felt as if she was laboring with me and she physically held me up when I needed the assistance. I highly recommend her as a doula!" 一CC