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Ajna Reading is a channeled reading that incorporates astrology and tarot, which are both empowering tools rooted in ancient divinatory practice.

I believe that the universe animates us through the first breath we take when we come out of our mother's womb. The birth chart is calculated according to our birth time and birth place and it shows what was then happening above in the heaven. The information written in the chart is a sacred map of our inner universe, which is a pure reflection of the outer universe. They can show us who we are as a soul living in this human body, and it can give us guidance on how to navigate our lives here on Earth.

Tarot is a synthesis of Hermetic practice that stems from the traditions of ancient Egypt, Kabbalah, numerology and astrology. This is another sacred tool that I use to guide my clients to tap into their deeper state of consciousness to draw forth their inner wisdom.  

Astrology shows us the world according to mystery, and tarot shows us the world according to magic.

They guide us from the unseeable, unprovable realms of reality, and its mystery is pure magic. 


I see stars and cards as living entities, and how I channel their energy is never fixed but ever free.

I don't necessarily use them to predict the future since I believe that our fate or karma can change anytime when our conscious patterns change. We are the powerful creators of our own reality, and possibilities are infinite in the spirit realm.

In each reading session, I intend to support my clients to understand their cosmic map better so they can shine their own unique colored Light brighter.

I usually offer a deep exploration of natal birth chart   reading in my initial consultation, but I also offer transit chart, solar return + year ahead, relationship focused synastry chart, and family + children's chart readings upon request.  


I currently offer all readings via Zoom.

Reading Rate


$222/ 90 min

Audio recorded reading is available for $111. 

Sliding scale rate is also available.

Please send a note by clicking the link below to book a session or to ask any questions.

"I am almost at a loss for words... This is the most beautiful, wise and fulfilling reading I have ever received. You are so very, very gifted and one of your many gifts I experienced in listening is, that, when the fire of your spirit and passion for your service comes through, you are offering an incredible transmission, that, not only offers people the blessing of being truly seen in their essence, but I actually feel you have a way of seeing people so deeply, that you help their essence to come/be birthed more deeply into form/manifestation. I have images of you as a keeper of certain portals in the stars, where your galactic self (gorgeous star priestess) sits and assists star seeds to move through the portals and into the physical. So beautiful.

And then your voice... I feel like basking in a frequency of Mother Earth, shamanic wisdom keepers and the wisdom and light of the stars - all at once.

Everything you have shared with me deeply, deeply resonates within me. I am so happy I have been guided to find you. Such divine synchronisity and timing. Thank you and blessed be." 一TF

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