Ajna Reading is a channeled reading that incorporates tarot and astrology, both empowering tools rooted in ancient wisdom.

As a synthesis of Hermetic practice that stems from the traditions of ancient Egypt, Kabbalah and numerology, tarot guide us to tap into our deeper state of consciousness and draw forth our inner wisdom and intuition. With an information I receive from client's astrological charts which I believe is the language of the Great Universe, I support clients to align with their divinity, inner truth and higher purpose in life. 


I currently offer all readings via Zoom.

Please send a note by clicking below to book a session or to ask any questions about the reading.

A short tarot reading can be incorporated in in-person healing session upon request.


Reading Rate



Follow-ups + sliding scale rate is available.

You can book or inquire more about the reading from the link below. Thank you.