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Cosmic Yoga ●○ Sunday Satsang

Satsang is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: sat meaning "true" and sangha meaning "community." Satsang is a gathering for all who are on a spiritual path to seek moksha, a true liberation. It helps to dissolve any illusionary separation, and it allows us to see the truth that we are all inseparably interconnected.

This Sunday Satsang is an online vinyasa yoga class for everyone who seeks to experience this inter-connectivity of all beings in the whole entire universe.

Each class starts with a short discussion of important astrological alignments happening in the sky, so we can connect with the subtle energy bodies to set an intention. The flow of yoga is sequenced with an intention to shake up and to release old stagnant energy so that our sacred body temple can welcome new inspiring force of life. Each class embraces harmonious balance between yin + yang, and it holds moments of fiery energetic movements followed by restorative grounding ease with guided meditation/ visualization. 

This is our prayer + movement for peace- I hope you can join.



Sunday morning 10-11:15am EST

To take a class for donation base, please contact me for a zoom link.

Everyone is welcome.