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 An exploration into the world of tarot, astrology + numbers.


Tarot is a book of ageless wisdom that is disguised as a pack of cards.

According to Curl Jung, our soul speaks to us through the language of images and symbols.

In many ways, tarot, astrology + numbers are bridges connecting our conscious + subconscious mind, the micro + macrocosm; they are mirrors.  

By learning about these tools that open up your awareness to the world of magic, you can turn all the events in your life into lessons on the path of self-realization.

It is the path to the union with One, with the Whole. 

All creativity flows from this connection, but unfortunately this connection has been broken for centuries. We were told to fear what we cannot see or touch, and anything of magical quality was considered safe only under religious management.

It's time to claim our power back.

Tarot is a practice of trusting our own magic.

Nothing is fixed in the Universe, thus possibilities are infinite.

Creating your own foundation first makes it easier to build on traditional meanings. It is important to study each cards in depth to become a good reader, but to keep a space for spontaneous intuitive freedom is always a key in readings.

We explore, we rest + we reprogram our inner system to renew with ease. 

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