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Venus Retrograde in Leo ✺

Jul 22 to Sep 3

Venus retrograde is always a great time to reevaluate our own values + relationship patterns. The last Venus retrograde was a heavy cathartic one since Venus was in conjunction with Pluto multiple times at the end of 2021. Pluto is once again back in Capricorn, and its power is maxed out now being in opposition to the Sun, squaring off the nodes of fate. The universe is shaking us up quite a bit, and our lives are changing forever. An old paradigm is ending, and it's time to set an intention for a better life. This Venus retrograde will be a powerfully transformative one that can point us toward a new golden path. And we are ready to wake up to the awareness of our own golden wholiness. 

Venus reading* is here to help you understand how those strong cosmic alignments are speaking to you in relation to your birth chart. Reasonably priced ones are audio recorded readings and they will be sent to you first come first served manner. Please know that those recordings may take a few days or up to a week or so to be delivered to you. I appreciate your trust in the divine timing.

I'm also available for in depth in-person readings over zoom.

If you are being called to work with me this way, please request those from the links below.


Wishing you all an empowering journey ahead! Thank you. 

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