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Tattooing ian ancient ritual practiced all over the world in many 

different cultures with many different meanings + beliefs behind it.

Over 5000 year old mummies were found with tattoos placed over specific locations in the body that corresponded to Chinese acupuncture points, suggesting that tattooing was practiced for therapeutic 


In the indigenous culture of northern Japan called Ainu, tattooing was exclusive to women. According to mythological accounts, tattoo was brought to earth by the "ancestral mother" and it was performed by a female tattooist, given only to women. 

I consider tattooing as a sacred ceremonial ritual for transformation + empowerment. I believe that what you put on your skin can become your spirit ally, a symbol that reminds you of your intention + purpose on your path. 

Each session is a meditative, healing + rebirthing journey. 

Please send a note through clicking below for more details or to schedule an appointment.

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