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         2024 Eclipse Reading



2024 is the Year of Ascension. It is the year of the dragons, the wild mystic creatures from higher dimensions which are here to support those of us who are ready to change + awaken.

Eclipses happen when new moon or full moon happen close to lunar nodes, and those nodes were considered as Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail. They are the points in the sky where the orbit of the Moon intersects with the ecliptic of the Sun, and I say metaphorically that the gate of the Dragons opens up during the eclipse season.

Eclipses hold strong power potential to change or alter the courses of our lives.

Fate and karmic stories play big roles, and sudden unexpected shifts can take place out of nowhere. These energies stay with us for 6 months or even longer, so it can hit us during the eclipses or weeks or months later. It's important to trust and surrender to the cosmic dragons especially during the eclipses, but it's also good to understand how these energies are aligning with our natal charts so we know how to navigate through these wild times.


This First Dragon's Portal Readings will focus on the lunar eclipse of March 25 + the next total solar eclipse of April 8, plus I will include deep explorations on karmic stories written in your natal nodes. This is for anyone who hasn't worked with me before, and it's also an opportunity to get a quick follow up reading session with me.

Reading length varies depending on your investment, and they will be prepared in the order I receive.

Please know that it can take a few days or longer depending on my schedule.

Thank you for trusting the divine timing.



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