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Dragon's Portal Eclipse Reading

Dragon's Portal Eclipse Reading


The eclipse season is upon us and the dragon's portal is opening.

The veil between the worlds gets thinner and the work of wild mystic forces become more potent.

Eclipses are important portals of change. They bring endings thus brand new beginnings, and this one marks a pivotal ending point of one big karmic cycle. Eclipse is always a time to surrender to the bigger greater forces of the universe and to let go of our dreams of ego. But it is a great time for reflection and to find clarity on what to focus and what not to focus. We'll be working with this energy for the next 6 months. I hope we can ride those waves of change with ease and stay empowered for our new journey ahead.


This is a 30 min astrology + tarot ✴︎ Ajna reading to help you understand how the current eclipse energy is speaking to you.

In this reading, I cover themes that I see are important in your natal + transit charts in relation to the two eclipses happening this month.

Each reading can be adjusted to your needs, so it's perfect for those who haven't worked with me before or those who'd like to receive a follow up reading.


Reading is done over Zoom, or it can be recorded and sent to you.


I will reach out to ask your preference and to set up a time via email once you purchase a reading.

Please know that it may take some time for us to set up a reading depending on how much requests that I receive.


Thank you for trusting the divine timing.


Happy eclipse.

Peace + love.





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